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a place where dwellings, neighborhoods, commons and culture meet all our needs and aspirations.


Our purpose is to increase our capability to regenerate Ridge communities with greater harmony and diversity of people, place, and nature.

The challenge for our community is to co-create and build together in a way that develops local economies in relationship with natural systems.We will explore how our work interrelates with other Ridge organizations and individuals to revive our community! 


On the 2nd Camp Fire anniversary, Regenerating Paradise produced the 2nd annual Paradise Revival Festival. The event was held virtually, due to Covid-19 precautions. Because of this, displaced Paradise residents and individuals from fire-affected communities from around the world were able to join to share their stories and hopes for the future. 


Over the course of two days a lot was uncovered. Namely a deep love for community and the land we live upon. From our conversations we identified key areas of interest where we will be focusing our energy in Regenerating Paradise.  

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2020 RECAP

Images by Jill Banting @StarQuillCreative


What We Discovered Together:

Over the course of two days a lot was uncovered--a deep love for community and for the land, an enthusiasm to share what we have learned, a desire to find new ways to move forward. From our conversations, we identified key areas of interest that came from you.

What’s Next?

We’d like to co-create a vessel for community members to take ownership of their ideas and projects. These are the ones we identified through our listening sessions, but feel free to suggest others!

  • sustainable, affordable, firewise building; 

  • supporting grassroots fire education; 

  • locally self-sustainable micro-energy projects; 

  • communicating with/welcoming displaced Paradisians back home (literally and virtually); 

  • helping other disaster-affected communities; 

  • support for artisanal projects;

  • tool lending library 

  • helping with land swaps/hand-offs/sales; 

  • circular economy; 

  • attracting diverse newcomers to Paradise.

Session Recordings:

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On October 12, 2019 members of the ridge community gathering in Paradise for a day-long celebration of resilience. It was organized by our community, for our community, and featured musicians, speakers and activists from our community. In this way we honored our shared journey, imagined the the future, and witnessed one another with songs, laughter, tears, and embraces. 

The 2019 Paradise Revival Festival was made possible by the generous contribution of the Paradise Arts Commission- funded through North Valley Community Foundation- and by student volunteers from Chico State University.