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Our work at Regenerating Paradise is to listen, really listen, and to help people listen to each other. We bring people together who are working on different initiatives to talk with each other, share ideas and cross-pollinate them. Sometimes people will discover new synergies and collaborations. Other times they’ll go away more clear about their work — and knowing how much they are part of a larger whole.


We also come together in a celebratory way, talking story, listening to great music and sharing wonderful food. When people know what’s actually happening, when they understand the ways in which their neighbors are stepping forward to regenerate paradise, they get inspired and informed. It is regeneration in action. Maybe they’ll join an existing project, or maybe they will start something new. The regenerative spirit grows. 

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RP Focus Group PNG.png

June 21 & 25, 2023

Paradise, CA

Focus Group discussion on housing and community needs in Camp Fire burn scar. Participants will receive a $40 gift card. Snacks also provided. Sessions are 1.5 hours.


Wednesday, June 21 @ 5:30-7:00 PM

Sunday, June 25 @ 1:00-2:30 PM

Sign up for a time slot.

Paradise Stronger (6848 Skyway)


Early November

Paradise, CA

Commemorating the fire that changed our community and celebrating resilience. Gathering to determine our next steps.

Revival  Fest 2022-47.jpg

November 2022

Paradise, CA

Community members gathered at Terry Ashe Rec Center for live music, discussion panels, vendors, crafts, and lots more. The event provided opportunity for deepening community connections and networking with organizations and businesses.


Paradise Revival Festival 2021

November 2021

Paradise, Ca

On the 3 year anniversary, community members gathered in Billy Park to honor shared history and strengthen community ties.

Pacific-Stephen Pyne Facing Fire.jpg

Facing Fire



Cultivating Resource and Relationship. A bi-weekly Zoom conversation connecting fire-ecology regions in the USA and Australia, across the Pacific, and around the world.

Week 2 Open Ear Open Mic.jpg

Open Ear, Open Mic

Winter 2021 Weekly Online

Weekly online gathering to create a community forum for visions, ideas, and artful expressions to be cultivated toward the regeneration of Paradise and other disaster-affected communities.

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Strategic Planning:

 Camp Fire Restoration Project

January 2020

Paradise, CA

R.P. facilitated an intensive two-day strategic planning session for the Camp Fire Restoration Project board and staff as they position for the long-term ecological restoration of the Camp Fire burn scar.


Regenerative Responders

September 2019

Paradise, CA

So much is happening in Paradise. Rather than become silos, our hope was to bring groups and individuals together to share their work and collaborate. 


October 2019

Paradise, CA

Celebrating our resiliency, we gathered in Paradise to share music, food, art and conversation.


Regional Wisdom Share

June 2019 

Paradise, CA

Fire survivors from Paradise and Lake County gathered with folks involved in post-disaster community work to find areas of alignment and collaboration.

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Realignment Gathering

February 2019

 Paradise, CA

Born from the desire to create a cohesive community movement, this was an open invitation to share ideas and actionable tasks.

rebuilding paradise gathering 3.jpg

Cultivating Our Community

March 2019 

Chico, CA

Locals from the Ridge gathered with folks from a wider community who shared their experiences and expertise in disaster recovery to weave a pathway forward.

john d liu.jpeg

Post-Disaster Ecology: John D. Liu

February 2019 

Paradise, CA

Filmmaker and ecologist John D. Liu offered stories of resiliency and shared his insights into the possibilities for large scale ecosystem restoration post-disaster.


Lake County Fire Learning Journey

July 2018

 Lake County, CA

At the invitation from our friends who are rebuilding after the 2015 fire in Lake County, we toured their town and sat in discussion with their community.

dec2019 meeting.jpg

for Camp Fire Recovery

December 2018

 Chico, CA

Experienced in disaster relief, folks from Field Innovation Team and Burners Without Borders offered their support to determine first steps


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