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Illustrated Neighbouhood  Street

Paradise Community Village 2.0

Vision: An affordable housing and mixed-development that redefines sustainable and resilient living in Paradise, CA.

  • 125 Housing units

  • 10 Businesses/services

  • Supportive energy infrastructure

  • Wastewater infrastructure

Mixed-use development could include restaurants and cafes, shops, a child care center, a clinic, and any number of other services, providing jobs and economic vitality to the Paradise community.  


  • Fire-wise structures and layouts will implement effective and innovative fire safety and fire resistant materials and designs.

  • Locally sourced, natural building materials will contribute to energy efficiency.

  • Construction will use the lowest carbon footprint options whenever possible. 

  • Safe structures that are structurally sound and resistant to extreme weather events. 

  • Layout and design will be geared toward promoting community interaction and cultivating mental health.


Rebuild Paradise Foundation

Mission: To provide access to resources and to help lower barriers to entry for those repopulating the disaster areas.

The Rebuild Paradise Foundation, incubated through the North Valley Community Foundation, is a grassroots movement of Camp Fire survivors and community leaders from the public and private sectors who are dedicated to serving the long-term needs of Butte County's disaster affected residents, businesses and workforce.


  • Provide resources and grants to attract, retain and incentivize repopulation of residents.

  • Offer information and grants to incentivize the opening and reopening of businesses.

  • Support workforce development programs

  • Fostering meetings between private sector entities to ensure the community’s voice is heard at the state and federal level.

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