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Butte County Local Food Network

Vision:Our vision for Butte County is to create a strong local food system as the basis of a strong local economy, anchored in a healthy community that thrives on neighbors helping neighbors.

We are A group of folks who share your dreams of health and community. We have a shared vision that the way in which our food grows impacts us personally as well as the planet and all Life on earth. We support the current science which informs us that all Life on the planet is interdependent and intertwined and we choose to devote our lives to food systems that regenerate and support Life. We value community and connection that fosters a sense of belonging and healthy real food security for all.


Nobel Orchards

Since 1921, Noble Orchards has been the place to go for locally grown fruit in Paradise. Open seasonally, usually July through March. We grow cherries, peaches, nectarines, pluots, apples, persimmons, and pears.


Although the Camp Fire devastated the orchards, Noble Orchards continues to be a vibrant pillar of Paradise's local food system. Offering U-pick and produce for sale. Come on by and get a taste of the apples, or try some of Laurie Noble's famous apple butter!

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