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Illustrated Neighbouhood  Street


  • Fire-wise structures and layouts will implement effective and innovative fire safety and fire resistant materials and designs.

  • Locally sourced, natural building materials will contribute to energy efficiency.

  • Construction will use the lowest carbon footprint options whenever possible. 

  • Safe structures that are structurally sound and resistant to extreme weather events. 

  • Layout and design will be geared toward promoting community interaction and cultivating mental health.

RP's Role:

Regenerating Paradise will coordinate the disparate members of the Paradise, Chico, and greater regional community who would have valuable input to the project, including architects, engineers, developers, Town and government officials, community-based organizations, potential tenants, and community residents. RP is the liaison between the community and Project Developers.

An affordable housing and mixed-development that redefines sustainable and resilient living in Paradise, CA.


  • 125 Housing units

  • 10 Businesses/services

  • Supportive energy infrastructure

  • Wastewater infrastructure

Mixed-use development could include restaurants and cafes, shops, a child care center, a clinic, and any number of other services, providing jobs and economic vitality to the Paradise community.  



  • Regenerative and Holistic Systems Approach emphasizes each element’s interconnectedness with other elements and with larger existing systems.

  • Circular Economies Approach emphasizes sharing, reusing, repairing, repurposing, and recycling existing materials and products within the community— keeps living affordable. 

Course of Action:

Phase I: Community Collaboration

  • Focus groups with key community stakeholders (including community organizations, town staff, and potential tenants)

  • Conduct community-wide survey 

  • Meet with developers, architects, builders, engineers, and community-based organizations to share collected community input

  • Finalize design and development team


Phase II: Capital Campaign

  •  Launch a capital campaign in collaboration with Chico State’s grant writing classes


Phase III: Break Ground

  • Support, oversee, and facilitate ongoing community input toward the building of affordable, fire-wise housing and mixed use development


  • University of California, Davis will lead the research and development team and will  work closely with the Paradise community and all the stakeholders and team experts on transformative solutions from sustainability landscape architecture, fire ecology, energy systems, biomass thermochemical conversion, sustainable construction materials, and aquaponics. 

  • California State University, Chico will contribute expertise and collaboration including contributions to the architectural design of the project and collaboration on a grant-writing mentorship project. 

  • Paradise Community Village is a collaboration of community-based nonprofits and individuals

  • Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) is a private non-profit corporation that  has developed the 32 units in the three acres adjacent to the proposed site of PCV 2.0.

  • NorthStar is a Chico-based multi-disciplinary consulting firm specializing in architecture, engineering, surveying, planning, and environmental services. 

  • ARUP is an engineering, planning, and design consultancy ambitiously reimagining a  sustainable and resilient future for cities and communities

  • BAR Architects is an architecture firm with a portfolio that includes mixed-use complexes, housing of all types, hotels, wineries, and entertainment, educational and commercial facilities.

  • Verdera Energy assists clients to develop, design, engineer, finance, construct and operate energy  projects at large commercial and district/utility scales.

  • NewStories is a nonprofit collective whose purpose is to help people, organizations, communities and systems navigate the tides of change towards well-being, compassion and deep collaboration.

  • Local stakeholders and contributors: Town of Paradise, Rebuild Paradise Foundation, Adventist Health, Rotary Club of Paradise, Paradise Recreation and Parks District, and District Supervisor Doug Teeter. 



  • Provide resources and grants to attract, retain and incentivize repopulation of residents.

  • Offer information and grants to incentivize the opening and reopening of businesses.

  • Support workforce development programs

  • Fostering meetings between private sector entities to ensure the community’s voice is heard at the state and federal level.


To provide access to resources and to help lower barriers to entry for those repopulating the disaster areas.


The Rebuild Paradise Foundation, incubated through the North Valley Community Foundation, is a grassroots movement of Camp Fire survivors and community leaders from the public and private sectors who are dedicated to serving the long-term needs of Butte County's disaster affected residents, businesses and workforce.


We are here to help rebuild Butte County after the Camp Fire and future disasters. We wish to rebuild our community to be safe, sustainable and bring back the vibrancy that once was.

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