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Process:​ Identifying then sharing organizational values led to the identification of shared values. The collaborative members meet regularly and are in the process of forming a nonprofit specific for this arts collective. The group has formed committees with action items that will keep the project moving forward.


  • Paradise Art Center:  With a mission to engage, encourage, and enrich our community in the visual arts.

  • Paradise Recreation & Park District: We Create Community and Quality of Life Through People, Parks and Programs.

  • Theatre on the Ridge: The purpose of Theatre on the Ridge is to engage, educate and entertain our community with consistently creative theatre experiences.

  • Norton Buffalo Hall: ​Norton Buffalo Hall is an outreach of the Paradise Community Guilds. We regularly present fine musical artists in cabarets, house concerts, recitals and festivals. 

  • Gold Nugget Museum: The Gold Nugget Museum’s mission is to collect, preserve, and exhibit historical artifacts. It provides interactive workshops for young people and conducts interesting presentations about Paradise and Butte County history.

Paradise Arts, Theater, & Culture Hub

Vision: A multicultural arts, music and theater center that will serve as a place for community: performances, classes, workshops, activities, learning, and inspiration. The PATCH facility will be a state of the art shared campus for our arts and culture organizations as well as community members. The center will be a draw for arts tourism to Paradise.

RP's Role:​
Regenerating Paradise is facilitating the visioning process for PATCH. RP has met and surveyed organizations individually, compiled the findings, then offered a unifying vision forward. The PATCH project fits within the wheelhouse of RP as it nourishes out interconnectedness and weaves together distinct organizations to become stronger together.

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